Send my muse “Trick or Treat!” and see what you get!


  1. Some candy
  2. A kiss on the cheek
  3. A hug
  4. A pie in the face
  5. Mouth-to-Mouth candy
  6. A jump scare
  7. A halloween date night out
  8. Scary movie night
  9. A kiss on the lips
  10. Your muse gets pantsed
  11. Your muse pantses mine
  12. Tickle fight
  13. Passionate kiss on the lips
  14. Bite mark
  15. Mun decides!

Date in the caves



> You blink and allow her to rest, until you feel it. In your bones. You two need to go back to your respective hives before the sun rises. You sigh, a little put down by the thought You look down at her.

Soliva? I think it’s time we need to go…

> He murmured agains the top of her head, you shut your eyes.

You hear him speak and lift your head, locking eyes with him few seconds before he shut them. Yeah, the sun would rise soon and you’d both better be off in your respective hives. Lifting yourself from the ground, you stand up and  stretch, looking at him with lidded eyes.

”You are… right… the sun will.. rise soon…” You say, starting to pick up your things and put out the fire. Once you are set, you turn to him and lean down to give him a kiss.

”we’ll see.. each other… soon right?”

> When she get’s up, so do you. You pack the little you brought back into your sylladex and go wait by the cave enterance for her. You grin when she kisses you, and quickly pull her back for another, making it warm and lasting.

Yes of course… You can message me anytime soon, as well. I’ll be hella happy to see that notification when it comes.

> You take her hand and let her step out first, and then walk by her, your hair still in a loose pony tail. You never really liked cutting it. It would probably grow down to your arse in no time. You liked her nifty hair style as well, half short half long. You’ve never seen that before.

slowly deteriates

yeah i have been inactive im  hhhh im not meant to run two blogs at once

anyways!!!! I hope you are all gonna  great Halloween- or great day off if you don’t celebrate it! What are you dressing up as? What are your plans? Lee know!

Date in the caves


You are almost falling asleep against him from how warm and comfortable you were. After all, you weren’t the kind of troll to sleep much and situations like those were pretty sleep indulging. You close your eyes, breathing evenly as your head rest against his shoulder. For a first date, you would really call this a success.  He was being really nice and you were really happy he took you out and made you visit this cave.

You shudder a little in your sleep, your body a little cold , but you snuggle closer to him, before leaning and kissing him under his chin softly. Just a little attention.

> You blink and allow her to rest, until you feel it. In your bones. You two need to go back to your respective hives before the sun rises. You sigh, a little put down by the thought You look down at her.

Soliva? I think it’s time we need to go…

> He murmured agains the top of her head, you shut your eyes.

Date in the caves


”I meant.. what’s your favorite food to eat.. but I guess that’s alright . And fishy food? I would… learn to cook it… for you .. but I am not … all that great at.. cooking other .. that sweets…” And you aren’t even fond of them, not that you’ll tell him. You snatch a few chips from him and open a bottle of soda. And then you squeak and blush like an idiot because he says that your color is his favorite.


”You are… spoiling me.. Azurex…

> You just grin at her and wink, and lean back some more, at full relaxation mode.

Spoilin? I think not.

> You just munches on those cookies dang they were pretty good. You hope she liked the food you brought. Your lusus was snoring away at home, he wouldn’t be bugging you today.

> You two play the game for awhile longer, asking questions back and forth, leaning things about each other. Soon you end up with your arm drape over her shoulders and your head against hers. This was a pretty good first.. date? Yeah. Date. A awesome date.. You hope you two could have more.. You purr quietly as the warm flams dance infront of you.

Date in the caves


You nod as you remember the words he told you the first night. It’s true, he said that before. You just forgot because you were probably a lot more intimidated by him back then. He compliments your psionics and you blush deeply, eyes turning to lock in his.

”My.. favorite.. place to go… would be the beach…  I love the smell… of salt water  a lot….” You glare at the entrance of the cave where you can see the sea and turn again to look at him.

”Your …favorite meal and color?”

> It’s hard for you to lock eyes with her without laughing now. You nod at her answer and begin to stare up at the ceiling and think, mindlessly reaching over and nabbing some cookies to eat and stuffing one in your mouth before you answer.

I totally dig lunch man, in the middle of the day meal- who came up with that? Snap. Crack. Lack. Yeah. I like me some fishy food, but I don’t get it often…… My favourite color has got to be yours.

> He winks and shoves the rest of the treats in his hand into his mouth.

Date in the caves


You are surprised to find him quadrantless. If anything, you thought it would be easier for highbloods to fill quads. Surprised, but not displeased, because you are quite the jealous little woman. Of course, you wouldn’t mind your matesprit having a moirail and kismesis, but you’d still be nervous about it, if only a little.

”That’s….good…..” You answer him, feeling quite light headed yourself. After a moment, you part from him and walk back to dry lands, your body starting to get cold in the water. Might as well start a fire. A chance, you have all the powers in the world to do it.

You get sticks and stones out of your sylladex, making a circle of stones to limitate the fire range. Then you throws the sticks in the middle, using your psionics to heat up the wood until it sparks and burn.

”No quadrants… and my favorite thing.. to do.. is read and.. well.. smoke…”

You chuckle lightly, smiling at him as you start drying yourself off.

”What’s your best thing to do… and .. bed or coon?

> Your surprised to get out so soon, but not upset. You are still shaking, it truly was freezing to you, but you stuck through it for her… You eagerly get out of the water, and compliment her psionics before sitting infront of it and rubbing your wet hands together.

Like I said once before, I.. Uh… I like to hang out in the forest… and hang out with the animals…. and stuff…. Yeah….

> You murmur that sheepishly. You never really told people that- except Eviere, but she only found out cause she caught you in the act. It’s embarrassing that a big indigo blug like yourself would go and do such a wigglerish thing.

Also I could go either or… Coon would be pretty awesome, but a bed would be cleaner and more pleasant, perhaps… 

> You start laughing for some reason as you begin to ask your next question.

Where’s your favorite place to go?